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$1.99 .NET Domain Name Registration
Find and search your next .NET domain and build a website on your idea. 24/7 support included. Even you can register, transfer or renew .com .org .info .us .co .in .uk .ca .eu .club .top .site .host a...

Farsight Security Launches “DNSDB Speedway Test Drive” Black Hat USA 2017 Promotion
Today bad actors register and quickly discard cheap domains to go undetected. “Every corporate domain name and IP address is at risk ... Farsight Security is headquartered in San Mateo, California, US...

As internet 'spoofing' gets better, you may surf into a sea of sharks
"Creating a spoofed domain name ... it's cheap," said Tom Richards, co-founder and chief strategy officer for GroupSense, a Virginia cyber threat intelligence firm. As a hacker, Richards said, "All I ...

CASE In Point: A New Hope For Copyright Holders?
But, the lawyers tell her, copyright litigation is the exclusive domain of the federal courts ... or an organization like the great California Lawyers for the Arts, or attempt to bring the case in pro...

Getting Ahead of ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits
A complaint was brought by the National Federation of the Blind claiming, in part, that barriers on the www.lsac.org website made it impossible for blind students to register for the LSAT ... www.wave ...

Don’t Outsource Your Thinking
They contained “cheap fillers like powdered rice ... And the previous owner of reloadpill.com used private domain registration, which means his contact info is only accessible via subpoena. But it was ...

Who invented rocky road ice cream? It’s complicated
The Oakland, California institution flaunts its 120 years ... “Ice cream,” Bugos wrote in a company history compiled around the same time, “as a relatively cheap treat, has constantly [sic] proven to ...

20 of the Most Interesting Trees Around the World
in the 1930s as "the tallest one-room house in the world," this redwood along northern California's Redwood Highway was hollowed ... CHAPEL OAK Ji-Elle, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain As the oldes...

Loss of Nucor Steel not so much a loss
While reading Chantiny's Time article, I found it strange that it didn't mention the Nucor plant in Hertford County, N.C. Instead it talked about how cheap, fracked natural ... by eminent domain – all ...

Residents have right to vote on I-145, lawyer says
Dam Cheap Power, the group that wrote and qualified I-145 for ... “With reports of electric power rates skyrocketing in California and other deregulated states, the prospect of some Montana residents ...

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