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Daily Poll: Are You a Domain Flipper?
I got my start by flipping domain names. It started by registering names and quickly reselling them for a small profit. This helped me grow my business and I moved into higher value domain names. I continued to flip domain names for quite some time ...

“Breach” is the new necessary defensive domain registration
Hertz registers data breach domain names. More companies should do this. These days it seems like the question isn’t if a company will suffer a data breach or hack, it’s when. When a company suffers a breach it usually rushes to register domain names ...

Trending domain name keywords: president, passion, fortnite
If you’d like to do your own domain name keyword research, check out Verisign DomainScope, a tool that allows you to enter keywords to see registration trends in .com and .net.

Brexit: Will your .eu domain name be revoked?
The Commission warned stakeholders of the following effects: UK undertakings and UK residents will no longer be able to register new .eu domain names post-Brexit; The Registry will be entitled to revoke .eu domain names registered in the name of UK ...

How many people are using .nz domain names?
That is, rather than yourbusiness.co.nz you could register the shorter yourbusiness.nz. There are about 134,700 active registrations of second-level domains under the .nz domain name. The domain names .net.nz and .org.nz are almost equally as popular ...

OMGI Dot COM Premium Domain is Up for Sale for the First Time Since 1996
LONDON, April 12, 2018 (Newswire.com) - One of the most valuable domain names on the internet OMGI.com is up for sale for the first time since its first initial registration in 1996. OMGI.COM has been living up to its name for over two decades in serving ...

Registrar Shuts Down Pirate Bay Domain Names
The responsible registrar appears to be Idotz.net, which is a U.S. based 1api/Hexonet reseller. TorrentFreak has asked Idotz for a comment but we were informed that they are unable to respond to third-party queries regarding domain names due to customer ...

Park.io starts drop catching .AI domains
As with all domain names at Park.io, catch fees are $99 and include a year registration. If there’s more than one interested party there will be an auction. One of the first featured .ai domains coming up is eat.ai.

Plans to introduce “.au” domain registrations on hold as government forces auDA to overhaul processes
... the chair of the domain registration authority auDA, Chris Leptos, to write to members of the organisation this morning to say its board will not be resuming consultation on its controversial “.au” domain name rollout until the second half of 2019 ...

ExtraTorrent’s Main Domain Name Shut Down By Registrar (Update)
The domain name has been disconnected by the registrar ... or when your domain is subject to deletion.” TorrentFreak reached out to the registrar Internet BS for a comment on the situation, but the company informed us that they can’t reveal any ...

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