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3 Reasons Why GoDaddy Stock Keeps Hitting New Highs
There's nothing wrong with this business, and with domains revenue rising 16%, it's not exactly sandbagging the overall 17% in top-line growth. It obviously doesn't hurt that GoDaddy uses dirt-cheap d...

How to give your lounge room a spring makeover for under $200
“Our windows can actually get quite a lot of dirt on them, quite a lot of fine mould ... How to finish off that lounge room makeover on the cheap? Barber says off-the-shelf curtains will not only keep ...

'Hillary' websites going for up to $295K
Rand Paul was smart to buy RandPaul.com and RandPaul2016 already; other similarly-named domains are dirt cheap. At least Clinton owns the most basic version of her name. Jeb Bush never bought JebBush. ...

U.S. states allege broad generic drug price-fixing collusion
Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-generics/u-s-states-allege-broad-generic-drug-price-fixing-collusion-idUSKBN1D0201 You mean ... It has been known about for many years, and it is dirt ...

12 Most Underrated Video Games Of This Console Generation (So Far)
They may have been lacking the Metacritic averages, marketing budgets, or love from the gaming community, but these underrated games are more than deserving of a second look (plus many of them are dir...

With SDN, Cisco Will Unlock Value Of Installed Hardware Worth $180 Billion
It is the brainchild of Cisco, VMware, Red Hat and other industry leaders to enable Layer 2 connectivity over a Layer 2 domain. With VXLAN ... the stock appears dirt cheap for long-term investors. Dis...

Ignorance on public lands
These lands then were called public domain and those lands formed state governments ... Nevada sold nearly all their state lands dirt cheap with little remaining. Montana to date has sold 70,000 acres ...

Bad news for game night: Chicken wing prices are soaring
Once dirt cheap, the costs of uncooked wings has soared to heights ... The reason, according to industry reports, is skyrocketing demand. Once solely the domain of sports bars during football season, ...

Xiaomi’s Wearables Shipment Accelerated In 2015: IDC Report
Xiaomi apparently saw maximum growth in the wearables domain. The Chinese tech giant posted a whopping 951.8 percent year-on-year growth when compared to the previous year. As it turns out, Xiaomi foc...

Xsens Technologies captures every human motion with body suit
The systems still costs tens of thousands of dollars and thus can’t be used in dirt-cheap films. But they are a good example ... also said it has launched a partnership with Time Domain Corp., a wirel...

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