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Op-Ed: In the age of social media, truth finds its way into public domain
What is more; they get it free on the net (which is either free or dirt cheap these days), unlike consumers still ... the truth has a way of finding its way into the public domain.

Donuts tries the dirt-cheap domain model
Then, it started testing it across some of its domains. Apparently, the numbers are working out. It’s extending cheap first year pricing to nearly all of its domain names. Beginning April 1, you can e...

Here’s How To Start a Blog For Dirt Cheap
It’s that simple and that cheap to set up. You have your website all sorted and it took about 10 minutes and cost $36.00. When I purchased through Bluehost, it cost me about $100 because I brought som...

3 Reasons Why GoDaddy Stock Keeps Hitting New Highs
There's nothing wrong with this business, and with domains revenue rising 16%, it's not exactly sandbagging the overall 17% in top-line growth. It obviously doesn't hurt that GoDaddy uses dirt-cheap d...

AWS t2.nano instances offer dirt-cheap home for microservices
How small -- and cheap -- can cloud services go ... the t2.nano undercuts all prices with a total cost -- also including 2 GB of data transfer, and one Route 53 domain plus 25,000 queries -- of $3.51 ...

Hosting Wars Heat Up as Microsoft Readies Free Service
The hosting marketing wars are heating up, with leading providers rolling out dirt-cheap shared hosting accounts with massive ... which will begin offering free web hosting and free domain names early ...

‘The Evil Within 2’ Is Only $10 At Amazon With a Qualifying Purchase
It’s one of last year’s most overlooked gems -- and if you own an Xbox One, you can currently get it for dirt cheap. Amazon is currently offering ... your life and your daughter Discover Horrifying Do...

'Hillary' websites going for up to $295K
Rand Paul was smart to buy RandPaul.com and RandPaul2016 already; other similarly-named domains are dirt cheap. At least Clinton owns the most basic version of her name. Jeb Bush never bought JebBush. ...

12 Most Underrated Video Games Of This Console Generation (So Far)
They may have been lacking the Metacritic averages, marketing budgets, or love from the gaming community, but these underrated games are more than deserving of a second look (plus many of them are dir...

The robot revolution down on the farm
His company, Swarm Robotics, has created a fleet of small robots that work in groups to achieve tasks once the domain of large tractors ... Farm robots must be able to operate reliably amid dust, dirt ...

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