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VPS Hosting vs. Shared Hosting
But before that, let’s know about these two web hosting services in a brief. Shared hosting is one of the most used hosting services offered by almost every hosting provider. In this type of web hosti...

AccuWeb Hosting
AccuWeb Hosting has multiple wallet-friendly Linux- and ... You might also want to check out our story on how to register a domain name for your website. Bottom Line: AccuWeb Hosting has many ...

How to set up VPS for your website
Setting up a VPS for your website is quite a simple process that entails the following steps; Even though there are free services available in the market that provide you a free domain, some hosting c...

Five Great WordPress Hosting Deals
One of the easiest ways to start publishing your own content is to use out-of-the-box software that integrates easily with a hosting platform. It makes the whole set up process and admin side of the w...

MONKEYHOSTY - the Number One Hosting Company for Small Businesses and Individuals Right Now
... is a leading hosting company which provides small businesses and individuals with unlimited web hosting solutions, unlimited hosting, domain name registration, SSL Certificates, web development, a...

Managed WordPress Hosting or shared hosting : Which one to choose?
You have a vision for your idea, and you’ve selected the perfect domain ... than shared web hosting. There’s no need to manually install WordPress or upload anything. With managed WordPress hosting, y...

How To Choose Web Hosting Services
It makes possible to show your website worldwide. Hosting provider gives you some storage. You can use it to store your data. Your website will also store in that storage. Your domain name will help y...

Qualities of a good web host
It’d be painful for you to have the two sites hosted separately. Therefore, ensure that the web hosting UK service provider would let you host multiple domains from a single dashboard. A pertinent que...

Zoho taken offline by domain registrar for phishing violations
Our domain name registrar blacklisted (shut down) our domain. (Registrars are independent organizations that manage the reservation of internet domain names. The registrar does not host any Zoho ...

Understanding Host Name Resolution
A host name can be defined in a number of ways. The more common methods used are: A nickname: This is an alias to an IP address which individuals can assign and utilize. A domain name ... of the HOSTS ...

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