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Using Your domain Name in China
If you are not hosting data within China (meaning you are using a Gandi VPS or our PaaS outside of China), there are no additional steps required to register your .CN domain name. However, if you intend to host your data with a Cloud hosting provider ...

An Unnamed Organization Is Allegedly Trying To Reclaim a YouTuber’s Special Pizza Delivery Car
But recently, after repairing the car and legally putting it back on the road, Samcrac was approached by an organization that he declines to name. They want him to either ... While the government has the power of eminent domain, it's a bit strange that ...

For a Strong Brand Voice, Create a Custom Domain on WordPress.com
which all come with a free custom domain name. If you have a paid WordPress.com plan, registering a new domain works as follows: If you already purchased a domain from another web hosting company, you can map it to your WordPress.com site. Similar to ...

WIPO sides with IBM in domain name dispute
As such Popovic was “well aware” of IBM’s trademarks and registered the domain names in bad faith. In addition the mark is distinctive and “it is difficult to imagine someone randomly choosing three letters composing the trademark to register as a ...

Second level .za domain names considered for South Africa
The .ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) is looking at allowing the registration of second level .za domain names. Currently, it you want to use a .za domain name, you must select an established second level domain like co.za, org.za, gov.za, or ac.za.

First Things First: Finding and Registering Your Website Domain
But don’t let it distract you from the some of the essential tasks in building your business, such as finding and registering your website domain name. This oversight is more common than you might think. A fledgling business leader comes up with a brand ...

Domain Registration
TLDs with DNSSEC Support: .com, .net, .org, .biz & .se. When registering a domain, the name, address and phone number you submit must be published to the WHOIS directory. Your information is public and accessible to anyone, at any time and is required by ...

VeriSign (VRSN) Reveals Q4 Domain Name Registration Numbers
ngTLD declined 19.5% year over year. VeriSign, Inc. Revenue (TTM) VeriSign, Inc. Revenue (TTM) | VeriSign, Inc. Quote Domain Registration Prospects VeriSign is the exclusive registrar of the .com, .net and .name domains per its agreements with The Internet ...

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