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The Excel.com Domain Name Is For Sale
Parties interested in the domain name or learning more about the sale ... private transactions, and online sales through IPv4Auctions.com, Hilco Streambank has established itself as the premier ...

CUV Ventures Corp. Signs Lease Agreement for the VIP Collection, 182 Domain Names For Global Travel Sales Through RevoluVIP Travel Club
The VIP Collection is a unique set of worldwide domain name properties, some online for almost two decades ... membership affiliation level. Travel sales are provided and guaranteed by the ...

Original Torrentz Domain Names Listed For Sale
The original Torrentz domain names, including Torrentz.eu, Torrentz.com and Torrentz.in, are for listed sale. Considering the history of the site and the fact that it still has quite a bit of traffic, ...

Babycakes.com, a cat's fan page, has a message: 'This domain is not for sale'
Cats are typically territorial, and the online ... team website name "babycakes.com" was unavailable. Written twice across the simple, brown background website with one image of a sullen-looking cat a...

Vanity Email Service FanMail.com and Related Assets Available for Acquisition
But now that the division is up for sale, there are new ... In addition to branding and marketing value, potential uses for domain names include: Dedicated online team shops or booster and fundraising ...

And The First $1 Million Domain Name Sale Of 2012 Is … dudu.com?
Domain ... s name.” DUDU, started in 2007, is a multi-lingual social network that lets people communicate with each other online even if they don’t speak the same language. Also read: Canadian Rock Ba...

Beware of Craigslist/eBay scam
They found some equipment for sale on Craigslist and corresponded ... which tracked the correspondance to a domain name owned by a person in Walnut Creek, California. We called the phone number ...

New Year Kicks into High Gear as Sedo Brokers Sale of dudu.com for $1 Million
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sedo, the leading online domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced the successful negotiation of a $1 million sale for the domain name dudu.com. ...

Pirate Bay’s Iconic .SE Domain has Expired (Updated)
The Pirate Bay's iconic .SE domain name has expired and will be deactivated soon if no ... When The Pirate Bay first came online during the summer of 2003, its main point of access was thepiratebay.or...

Poundworld Intellectual Property Assets Offered for Sale by Hilco Streambank
Not only has Poundworld become a household name on the high street ... private transactions, online premium domain sales and IPv4 transactions through IPv4Auctions.com, Hilco Streambank has establishe...

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