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Confused Which Domain to Buy for Your Business? Use a Domain Name Generator!
You’re looking to make a new blog, but don’t know which blog name to choose. You’re looking to set up a new website, but don’t know which domain name to choose. You’ve simply run out of ideas. Every s...

How To Create a Website
When we talk about a website’s domain, we’re basically talking about the website’s address. For example, Tech.Co is the name of our website, and the domain is https://tech.co. You’ll typically want yo...

Don’t Think New gTLD Domain Names Can Rank Well? Think Again
I continue to hear it over and over again: people saying that they should always use a .COM domain name for your website. I questioned someone just the other day about their statement. The answer they ...

WordPress Basics for Small Businesses: Choosing a Domain Name
In this first post, we’ll discuss the importance of choosing the best domain name (something that’s important whether you ultimately choose WordPress or another platform for your business website). Lo...

The web alienates non-English speakers — and we need to change that
There’s a good chance you aren’t aware of this issue or the web’s inclusion problem. You might think that the internet already works the same for everyone, regardless of the domain name or language th...

Vistaprint drops .Vista top level domain
A third domain the company applied for, .webs, was held up in a weird contention set with .web. .Webs is still showing a status of “on hold” at ICANN. Webs is the brand name of a do-it-yourself websit...

PersianRugs.com – What’s In a Name?
Many don’t realize this. 2. What are domains? I look at it as online real estate. A domain is the name of a website, which acts like a pointer to a specific IP address. Similar to a physical mailing a...

Google Asks SEOs if Domain Changes Result in Loss of Traffic
Changing your domain name, while complex, can be done smoothly ... most of which involve ignoring the complexities of a site audit. Restrictions imposed by web hosting platforms may also make it diffi...

The Pirate Bay Moves to .AC After Domain Name Seizure
TorrentFreak reached out to The Pirate Bay team who informed us that the .SX registry appears to have seized the domain overnight. The Pirate Bay website itself remains ... point out that by registeri...

22 end user domain sales up to €75,000
The domain name does not yet resolve. Alsid.com $13,500 – Alsid is ... BNN.io $2,600 – Blockchain Business News Network PrintMatter.nl €2,500 – The website mirrors PrintMatters.nu, which appears to be ...

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