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5 Business Name Generator to Support You Build Your Brand
Business Name Generator is a free tool from Shopify that automatically mixes keyword with other words to generate a list of the available domain. It’s the perfect tool if you’re looking for a little b...

Best cheap web hosting deals of 2018
You get one domain name (free for the first year) and three websites with up to ... IP address blocking and website directory indexing plus a JavaScript generator and Linux apps (WordPress, Joomla, Dr...

15+ New Spam Emails, 9 Robocalls, 6 Spam texts within 24 hours of registering a domain
Guy who registers domain name gets an ... should provide, as a FREE service, the ability to use an alias email and phone number for registrars. While some registrars offer this for free, I bet Domains...

10 Best Business Website Builder Tools
With its template-editing tools and site generator, you can get a site up and running quicker ... you benefit from a branded email address and free domain name. Thus, you can set up your site easily a...

Onepager Raises Seed Funding For A Quick, Easy (And Free) Website Builder
As Onepager is a reseller for Opensrs, the startup takes care of setting its users up with domain names, which can be searched for, purchased, and synced all from the platform. And the platform provid...

The 18 best blogging sites and publishing platforms on the internet today
Despite ongoing cries that blogging is slowly dying, there are still tons of people looking to start a new free blog for the first time or ... skills to set up things like a database and custom domain ...

How to create a WordPress blog in the cloud for less than $20 (A beginners guide)
Facebook.com and Google.com are examples of domain names. Shopify has a free tool called domain name generator that you can use to come up with a cool domain name. Enter a generic name related to the ...

Avast Free Antivirus
Free. Avast Free ... you can invoke the password generator, which creates 15-character passwords using letters and digits (but not punctuation) by default. In the app, you can edit your saved password...

When Does the Real Customer Journey Start? Earlier Than You Think
I wanted to create a free email signature generator. A higher-up fought me on the idea ... What do they need? Once they’ve got a domain name, a logo design, business cards and an email provider, they ...

Practical Ways To Use QR Codes
Most of the forms of information rely on the URI (Universal Resource Identifier) style format of protocol://addressing, as in a URL, which is http:// plus the domain name ... QR codes for free via any ...

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