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Using Your domain Name in China
Gandi has been accredited by CNNIC since 2015, allowing us to sell .CN domains (the country top ... outside of China), there are no additional steps required to register your .CN domain name. However, if you intend to host your data with a Cloud hosting ...

WIPO sides with IBM in domain name dispute
IBM has successfully claimed the rights to two domain names featuring the mark ‘ibm ... including ‘IMB Watson’, US trademark number 5,082,512, in international classes 9, 35, and 42. Erik Popovic, a Louisiana-based individual, registered two ...

Domain names: getting real
... the name of its foreign principal in the US. The principal asked the court to order that the local distributor transfer the domain name. The judge found that this was an abusive registration in that it took unfair advantage of, and was unfairly ...

Domain Extensions Can Make A Difference To Your Business
India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world and has 42.50 million SMEs but the domain ... 43.6% in the US. This gap will soon begin to close and the demand for websites, professional email addresses, and consequently, domains names, will ...

U.S., Tech Firms Warn Against Internet Monitor’s Privacy Tightening
WASHINGTON—A global body that oversees internet domain names is preparing a significant tightening ... warned in a speech at Icann’s meeting in Puerto Rico this week that “the United States will not accept a situation in which Whois information ...

North Carolina politician says Russian bought her domain
The domain name's owner is listed as a Moscow man. The newspaper said the phone number tied to the account's owner doesn't work and emails weren't returned. Coleman said she didn't know why the Russian-based website was created and urged other political ...

Crypto.com is not for sale
Blockchain.us wants $3.45 million ... He did not respond to a request for comment, but he apparently registered the domain fairly easily. “People my age could just register names like that when we were your age,” he told security researcher Melissa ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
“Think of us as your friendly drunk (but responsibly so) straw person that takes the blame for your expressions,” Njalla notes. TorrentFreak spoke to Peter Sunde who says that the service is needed to ensure that people can register domain names ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
A domain name is the magic that turns a raw IP address like into a human-friendly chunk of text like Lifehacker.com. Here’s a look at five of the most popular domain name registrars ... the majority of us are looking to register domains ...

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