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Internet Grows to 342.4 Million Domain Name Registrations in the Third Quarter of 2018
Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and in foreign countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 1 The figure(s) includes domain names in the .tk ccTLD. .tk is a ...

Bob Casey For President? Democratic Senator’s Domain Name Registered to GOP
Bob Casey is a United States Senator from Pennsylvania ... it looks like the BobCaseyForPresident.com domain name was just registered on November 27. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear to have been regi...

Domain name 'admin' role eyed up as latest victim of Whois system's GDPRmeggdon
The long-standing but outdated "admin" role associated with every internet domain name will be killed off under new recommendations ... But entrenched interests – in particular US intellectual propert...

Tesla had “Faraday” as a backup name before buying “Tesla Motors” trademark for $75k
Due to trademark roadblocks in the US, Europe, and China, registering the simpler “Tesla” name was ... the wonder isn’t why someone would hold onto the domain name, but rather why the specific domain ...

Domain Name Commission and Dept of Internal affairs team up to protect .nz domain space
The Domain Name Commission and the Department of Internal Affairs have ... "Working closely with the DNC helps us identify, disrupt and remove harmful content that targets New Zealanders or abuses our ...

DIA to access info about .nz domain names
Cooperative efforts will allow us to manage a safer online .nz,” comments Domain Name Commissioner Brent Carey. The MoU will enable the Department of Internal Affairs and The Domain Name Commission to ...

Find your perfect domain name
With Media Temple, you can get a custom domain ... register every day. That’s why many new webmasters opt for other extensions, typically known as Premium Domains. Many Premium Domains are allocated f...

Initial Report on ICANN's EPDP for gTLD Registration Data: Forward Progress Yet Much Work Remains
Here in the United States ... for gTLD Registration Data which expires in May of next year. — One of the recommendations addresses the actual data elements to be collected and displayed as part of the ...

Bizarre Blocking Order Targets ‘Pirate’ Domains Before They’re Registered
To prevent the film "2.0" from being pirated by the masses, the Madras High Court ordered local ISPs to preemptively block 12,564 domain names ... referencing the US DMCA. Meanwhile, it appears ...

What GoDaddy is doing wrong about privacy — here’s what it should do
Ordering from United States (prices in USD ... A Loss of Trust Those worried about their privacy may opt to register a domain name with other registrars. There are plenty of smaller companies ...

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