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Namecheap Domain Insights & Trends Report Unveils Most Registered Domains of 2018 & Last Decade
The report is comprised of proprietary data going back as far as 10 years, and includes several compelling data points about domain registration trends among Namecheap's millions of customers.

Fleio billing 1.1 adds OpenStack Rocky support and domain name registration
allowing the operator/owner to define pricing per day, hour or second of usage so the end-user only pays for the services they use. Fleio version 1.1 adds support for the latest OpenStack® version - R...

How to Find Out Who Owned a Domain Name in the Past
Knowing the history of a domain name can help you gauge its future success. Domain names carry registration information that includes records about the owner and hosting servers. It’s always a good id...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
Today he launches the domain registration service ... have taken aim at the domain name industry, calling on players to take a more active approach against piracy. One of the often heard complaints is ...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
has a domain name that owners of the hardware can use to quickly get to their router's configuration page. Unlike most other vendors, however, it appears that TP-Link has failed to renew its registrat...

Why the Public Directory of Domain Names Is About to Vanish
required companies that register domain names to collect and publish personal data in the so-called WHOIS service. While far from a household name, WHOIS was widely relied upon by law enforcement and ...

Cloudflare Enters Domain Registry Business
"All the registrar does is record you as the owner of a particular domain. That just involves ... VeriSign released its second quarter Domain Name Industry Brief (DNIB) on Aug. 16, reporting there wer...

What Do I Do When Someone Has a Domain Name I Want?
I'd really like to register the domain name for my last name, but it's already taken. The frustrating part is that the person who owns the domain name doesn't seem to be doing anything with it. Is the...

Pirate Bay Founder’s ‘Njalla’ Criticized For Protecting Pirate Sites
Njalla helps to keep the registration details of domain names private by registering domains in its own name (holding company 1337 Services LLC), not the customer’s, meaning that the owner of ...

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