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Man gets 20 years in prison for trying to steal a domain name
Man tried physically force domain owner to transfer the domain name. A Cedar Rapids, Iowa man will head to prison for 20 years for trying to steal a domain name, the Associated Press reports. Sherman Hopkins Jr. broke into a man’s home on June 21 ...

Cedar Rapids man sentenced to 20 years for pistol whipping, shooting man in extortion attempt to gain ownership of internet domain
Hopkins then confined and threatened Deyo with the handgun, forcing him to log onto his computer and transfer an internet domain name, “doitforstate.com ... of what he did to the victim over ownership of the internet domain. She said Deyo’s statement ...

Man who sought control of website name at gunpoint sentenced to jail for 20 years
Sherman Hopkins Jr, 43, broke into the apartment of an internet entrepreneur in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and demanded that Ethan Deyo, 26, get on his computer and transfer ownership of the internet domain name DoItForState.com from one account to another.

Crook gets 20 years for literal domain hijacking at gunpoint
In June 2017 Sherman Hopkins, Jr., broke into the home of a Cedar Rapids, Iowa man and ordered him to log into their computer and transfer the domain name ... to effectuate the change of ownership of the domain name,” the release said, “Hopkins then ...

Billy Fuccillo locked in cyberpiracy battle in Florida
Car dealership owner Billy Fuccillo is in a “huge” trademark dispute ... A three-member arbitration panel decided in Fuccillo's favor on May 13, ordering Silver to transfer the domain name to Fuccillo. The panel, in its decision, noted that Silver ...

Internet 'domain jacker' jailed for 20 years over armed website heist
When Deyo asked for a postal address and phone number, because they were required to transfer ownership of the domain name, Hopkins pistol-whipped him, then pulled out the Taser and used it several times. The complaint said: "Hopkins then cocked the gun.

Apple gains ownership of iPhone-related porn domain names
The "WHOIS" record for the domains now shows MarkMonitor, a brand protection company, as the owner ... name dispute is different from a previous complaint filed by Apple over the ipods.com domain. That took a ruling from the WIPO in July to order the ...

Israel cyber week: A tale of persistence
AS dot.us is run by Newstar where Manske knew the owner, it was suggested tho transfer ownership of ... It gave the warrent its support, and pursuaded others to transer domain names voluntarily. No individidual wanted to put a target on their back as ...

Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Trying to Steal a Domain Name at Gunpoint
The in-person domain hijacking attempt took place on June 21, 2017, when Hopkins broke into the home of 26-year-old Ethan Deyo—the owner of ... a piece of paper with directions on how to transfer a domain name from one GoDaddy account to another, and ...

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